Give us a Wave

Recognizing our family

A positive transaction on eBay and you get a point. Get enough points and you get the YELLOW STAR. Then you are really an eBay-er! Get more points and the star changes colour and even flies… it’s about appreciation and belonging to the eBay family.

Well, here on the Sunny Coast, we’ve got WAVES! Every week during our staff gathering we can give one person a WAVE. A wave is given to a member of our family who has gone the extra mile the previous week, or they have helped someone else out, or done something to be recognized by another family member. It could just be an encouragement for the good job they are doing day in and day out. It’s our way to encourage and recognize each other while having a bit of fun in our community.

Just like on eBay – the more WAVES you get the bigger wave you are! So check it out, who is a puny one foot Alex Headlands wave, and who is a mammoth hundred foot Jaws!!

Waves are a way that as staff of YWAM Australia, Sunshine Coast we encourage one another.

0-9 Waves – Flat as…
10 – 20 Waves – Alex Headland
21 – 41 Waves – Bells Beach
42 – 71 Waves – Jeffrey’s Bay
72 – 100 Waves – Teahupoo
101 + Waves – Jaws