Christian Ministry Leadership

The Christian Ministry Leadership program is a staff internship.  During your first two years on staff you will be learning and growing heaps as you work within your ministry.  The school is a support structure over that period that imparts useful stuff like YWAM DNA and Values, practical ways to grow in ministry shared by real people who have been walking the talk for many years.

The program is very informal and low impact – it supplements the day to day work within the ministry setting.

Part of the program is also to provide you with staff care and support during your time on staff – we want you to feel loved, supported, and empowered to achieve all that God has for you.

What do I get out of it?

We started the C4CM as a base because we really want to impart to our staff and give them some tangible skills and understanding about life in ministry.  Our hope is that when you move on to the next thing – wherever or whatever that is – that you will feel equipped and trained.  There is a lot of on the job learning in YWAM, so the C4CM gives opportunity to sit down and understand what we are learning, and how to apply it.

There is no financial cost to the C4CM for staff – it is our commitment as a base to you.  To impart and build into you as you continue to discover your gifting and calling.

You will journey through the C4CM with the same group of people allowing you to grow as a group and journey into the depths of leadership and its challenges together.