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DTS Online Application Form

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English Proficiency

Please complete the following questions if English is not your first language.

All courses at YWAM Sunshine Coast are conducted in English.  A sufficient standard of oral and written English proficiency is needed in order to benefit from the training.  You will need to fulfil at least one of the three entry-level criteria in English proficiency – (a), (b) or (c)

(a) A minimum or 3 years study conducted predominantly in EnglishGive an outline of your study, name & address of educational institution & attach relevant documentation

(b) Minimum of 3 years studying English as a foreign language, with a pass rate of at least 80%. Give an outline of your study, name & address of educational institution & attach relevant documentation


(c) Completed formal independent testing with a minimum level at or equivalent to the following:

TOEFL: 530

IELTS: 5.0

If you have completed any of the following tests please indicate the score you received and attach a copy of your test results.

If you have not taken a formal independent test we may ask you to do so.    


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Personal History

Please prayerfully and concisely answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper (print or type) and attach it to this application form.  

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Financial Responsibility

All fees are in Australian dollars (AUD). To find out the cost of the course in your currency see:  You will be notified of any changes to this fee schedule prior to arrival.

Payments Overview



$40 non-refundable application


due with application


$500 enrolment deposit plus

health cover if required

due 3 weeks after



$3800 remaining lecture fees

due 3 weeks before

school starting date


$800-$2500 outreach airfares

due on week 6 of school


Approx. $2200 outreach ground

fees – depending on location

due on week 11 of


Discipleship Training School Fees: 

A. Discipleship Training School Lecture Fees: $4300 AUD

The $3900 school lecture fee covers room and board (i.e. food and accommodation), training costs, administration and local ministry transportation costs for the lecture phase of the course (first 3 months).  It does not include visas or personal expenses such as toiletries, laundry, snacks and postage, etc. 

B. Outreach Costs: Approx. $2200 AUD not including airfares – depending upon location

This is for the 8 week outreach phase.  It covers vehicle running costs, food, accommodation, bus or train tickets etc.  Average International airfares are approx $1000 -$2500 while domestic locations are generally not more than $600. 


Overseas students studying in Australia on student visas are required to obtain Overseas Health Cover (OSHC).  You will be advised of the cost with your acceptance papers.  OSHC payments are due with the second school payment. 

You may like to have travel insurance while travelling to and from the DTS or for a more comprehensive medical policy.


The DTS Course Costs and Overseas Student Health cover fees are paid into a notified trust account and are covered by Student Tuition Insurance to ensure that students who are eligible for refund under the ESOS Act 1991 will receive a refund should the course cease to be provided.  The Medical Health Insurance is only held by YWAM Sunshine Coast until such time as the premium is due and monies are passed on to the health fund.

Students generally will not be able to begin their course unless they are able to make these payments. However if you contact the school Director and explain your financial situation another payment schedule may be arranged.   

Student study allowance (for Australian citizens only)

Au-study and Ab-study are available to Australian students.  Once accepted, we will provide you with the correct documentation for your allowance application. 

Refunds and Cancellations

First week refund is

90% of school fee

less $100+40 deposit



less $100+40 deposit

Third and Fourth


less $100+40 deposit

Five and beyond

No refund will be issued


1. Prior to the start of the course.

• When the Australian government authorities refuse to grant a visa, the school will refund all fees paid less the application fee. The letter of refusal document must be sent to the school and must provide proof of refusal by the Australian government. Only originals will be accepted.

• Where the school receives written notice of withdrawal 28 days or more prior to the beginning date of the course, the school will refund all fees paid less the $40 application fee.

• Where the school receives written notice of withdrawal less than 28 days prior to beginning date of the course, the school will refund all fees paid less the $40 application fee and $100 of the enrolment deposit.

• Where the course is cancelled the school will refund the fees in full.

2. After the start of the course.

• When the student withdraws from the course during week one, the school will refund 90% of the total lecture phase fees - less $140 administrative expenses.

• When the student withdraws from the course during week two, the school will refund 60% of the total lecture phase fees - less $140 administrative expenses.

• When the student withdraws from the course during the third or fourth week, the school will refund 30% of the total lecture phase fees, including accommodation - less $140 administrative expenses.

• When the student withdraws from the course after the end of the fourth week no refund will be given.

Refund Policy

Payment of the refund will be paid directly to student unless a written request is made by the student to make payment to someone else and will be paid in AUD$ unless this is not practical. If payment is requested in another currency, bank fees will be deducted from the total refund. Refund will be paid no later than six weeks after it is due.

Please read the information included in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct located on the website  

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Medical History and Health Form

PART A. Personal Details and Medical History

Please answer all questions.  Comment on all positive answers at the end of this page.

Have you ever had any of the following?

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Three references are required, one from each of the following: pastor/spiritual leader, employer/business associate/teacher, and a friend (who knows you well).  The reference forms should be personally handed to the referee with a stamp-addressed envelope, asking them to complete the reference and mail it to the DTS Director, YWAM Sunshine Coast.  Your application will not be processed without them.  For our records, please list the details of your references below.

References – Pastor/Spiritual Leader

References - Employer/Business Associate/Teacher

References - Friend

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