Surfers’ DTS

Surf the planet and be
spoiled for the ordinary

Epic waves…God sized adventures

Surfers DTS 2012 Sunshine Coast, Australia from Aaron Bradley on Vimeo.

Everywhere there is surf there are surfers to be reached. God has given us passions and gifts to reach an exploding surf culture on the Sunshine Coast and the world. A YWAM Australia Surfers DTS is for surfers who want to see the surf culture redeemed and turned around for God. As Christian surfers we have an opportunity and a responsibility to be a light in a dark culture. This DTS is designed to be the ultimate platform to prepare yourself for surf missions locally and internationally. This is not for people who want to learn to surf, but rather for people who love the surf culture and want to reach surfers for Jesus.

Surfers DTS is for competent surfers who desire to reach the surfing community and un-reached people groups.

Surfers make great missionaries.

They are crazy enough to eat anything and sleep anywhere to surf great waves. We want to release this energy and have people who are so passionate for Jesus they will go anywhere and eat anything in order to preach the gospel

Part 1: Lecture phase

The Surfers DTS house is purposefully located in a small surfing community. Our vision is that as surfers we will have an instant connection to the community and we will be able to make a consistent impact through surfing and local evangelism.