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Into the Fields - A Vision Tour

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Jesus said that the fields were ripe unto harvest and that we should pray that God would send laborers into those fields. There is so much work to be done in the nations less fortunate than ours and God has raised up ministries in which the captives are being set free but it takes His hands and feet to accomplish this task and our desire is to help you see the needs and to find out where God’s heart is for you. None of us have the option to do nothing! Jesus said He came to heal the broken- hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of prisons to those who are bound. If we are truly his hands and feet then this is what we must be about as
well because this is where His heart is. . .

We would like to offer you the opportunity to seek the vision that God is birthing in you according to your own talents, gifts and passions. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to share what we believe is God’s heart for His body right now.

Jesus said to His disciples: “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray the Lord of the Harvest will send forth laborers into His fields.”

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This is a branch of YWAM Australia, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


Boardstore Surf Espresso

Boardstore Surf Espresso

Influencing a community through engagement

Boardstore Surf Espresso is a Surf/Espresso bar located in beautiful Mudjimba beach.  The guys at BSE are some of the best baristas on the coast and work hard to serve up what we think is the best espresso based drinks on the Sunshine Coast.  BSE is a locals place, which is just what we want.  Over the past few years BSE has become a cornerstone of the local community.


Kai Coffee

Kai coffee

Kai Coffee started as an experiment to use the world’s second largest traded commodity to create an incredible product that would fund efforts to fight poverty and social injustice worldwide.
-it’s working

Freshly Roasted.
Freshly roasted coffee is the best coffee, which is why we roast, package, and ship your coffee within two days of your order. Excellence, quality and creativity are the values we operate under. These values shape not only the product we create, but the environment in which they are created and shared.
Kai Coffee only roasts Fairtrade and ethically sourced coffee. Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices, Fairtrade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. Fairtrade enables producers to improve their position and have more control over their lives. Our commitment to Fairtrade is our attempt to make a difference in the world.
Fighting Poverty.
Our vision is to see children rescued out of poverty and given the opportunity to live full and healthy lives. Kai Coffee donates 100% of its net profit to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping children in need. Our current project is in Kabale Uganda where we are working with an NGO that rescues children off the streets, gives them a home with people who educate, feed, care for and supervise them in a community of love.

Visit our website .

Kai Coffee is a social business initiative of YWAM Australia, Sunshine Coast.


Surfers for Missions International (SFMI)

Epic waves… God sized adventures.

YWAM Australia SFMI is dedicated to presenting the gospel to the least evangelised through surfing. Our aim is to use surfing as a means for missions to nations where an exploding surf culture coincides with the poor and least reached of our world. After all, the most prolific surf and waves in the world happen to be among the worlds most un-reached.

YWAM Australia SFMI seeks to establish long-term surf missions and church planting projects in Indonesia and Asia.

We do this through surf safaris, short-term surf mission trips and surf training schools for Christian discipleship and mission. There are opportunities for participants from surfing and non-surfing backgrounds. The minimum requirement is for you to want to “know God and make Him known” (and have a sense of adventure).

This ministry is a branch of YWAM Australia, Sunshine Coast.


10/20 Evangelism Teams

Reaching young people aged 10 – 20 years old in Australia – YWAM Australia, Sunshine Coast

10/20 evangelism teams

Australia has amazing opportunities to reach out and impact the 10 – 20 year old generation. Currently the government of Australia allows Christian education and witness in public schools and colleges, which is a unique open door to influence the emerging generation. Outside of schools we have endless opportunities to reach and influence young people through camps, sports, evangelism outreaches…the list goes on.

YWAM Australia 10/20 internship is a 12 month practical internship working with young people aged 10-20 years old. You will be trained to lead breakfast and lunch programs, such as ‘Girls/Guys Talk’, teach religious education, one on one mentoring, and learning assist in local public schools in Australia. Participate in nationwide outreaches such as ‘schoolies’ and ‘impact summer’.  Staff snowboard, skate, surf, or hiking camps for young people. Dive into street evangelism, ‘skate church’, wakeboard evangelism and so much more!

This is a ministry of YWAM Australia, Sunshine Coast.


Business as Mission (BAM)

Integrating ministry and business to impact the Kingdom.

What is Business as Mission?

Business as mission’ is a term being used in contemporary missions to describe the integration of ministry goals and business goals to make an impact for God’s Kingdom. It is a strategy for the specific purpose of the transformation of people and communities: spiritually, economically and socially – for the glory of God, through a viable and sustainable business which has Kingdom of God values, purpose, perspective and impact.

For more information on Business as Mission, check out their website.

Business as mission is to accelerate the completion of the Great Commission through the use of a new avenue of missionary service; it is not to lessen the fervour and sacrificial commitment of our missionaries in their ministries.

Business as mission is a distinctive strategy where the spiritual, physical or social needs of people and communities are addressed in and through the business activities – the business is the ‘ministry’ in itself.

YWAM Australia, Sunshine Coast is working in partnership with training institues and Business in Australia to offer a Business as Mission internship.  The internship will combine teaching – by business leaders – and practical – working alongside business leaders in Australia.  This will be an invaluable and encouraging opportunity to be mentored by business leaders in Australia who have a Kingdom mindset.