School of Biblical Studies

Learn to Study, Do and Teach the Word of God

The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) Australia is a nine-month YWAM Australia course in which students study each of the incredible 66 books of the Bible. An inductive approach is taught, in which students observe what the text says and then let it shape their beliefs. In these nine-months you’ll study about God’s beating heart for the lost, your identity and fullness in Christ, and God’s plan of redemption for mankind.

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During the school, students survey each book and discover the big picture, while also digging into the details paragraph by paragraph. Emphasis is placed on understanding the cultural and historic background of each author and original reader of a book. The student interprets Scripture with the mindset of the original reader then takes the timeless truths and applies them personally.

Students are given hands-on instruction in the principles of observation, interpretation, and application. SBS staff will meet weekly with the students to aid in their personal growth, understanding of Scripture, and application of the inductive method.

The YWAM Australia SBS is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  Study the Bible on the beach, watching the sunset over the surf, feeling the balmy evening breeze.  Press into God listening to the surf as the sun rises – we have a beautiful location to spend 9 months reading, growing, and at times – relaxing.

Titus Project
Titus Project is dedicated to equipping church leaders throughout the world in the Word of God. To accomplish this, we develop School of Biblical Studies graduates in teaching and preaching, and mobilize them into areas where Bible training is greatly needed.  The Sunshine Coast base is the only YWAM Australia location that offers this course.

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