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School Dates

April 2024

School Cost



School Dates

April 2024

School Costs


“The Harvest is Ripe, pray for more workers!” — Jesus

You are the answer to that prayer. Are you ready to go ALL IN and see the Great Commission fulfilled in your generation?!

Then join us here in Fiji – Get radically ENCOUNTERED by Jesus, EQUIPPED to become a messenger of hope and then be SENT OUT to the ends of the earth with a burning heart for the Gospel!




During the 12 week lecture phase you will have the chance to radically encounter Jesus and get personal breakthrough. You will be trained and equipped with everything you will need to be a messenger of hope to whoever and wherever God is calling you to. All this in one of the most beautiful places on earth! Beautiful waterfalls, incredible beaches, world class surfing, and untouched reefs are waiting for you just around the corner.  During this time you will learn from international speakers how to get to know God deeper and make Him known more effectively. Topics like Hearing God’s Voice, Intimacy with Jesus, Evangelism, Revival, Identity and so much more will be covered during this time. 

Different tracks will allow you to be surrounded by people with similar passion and interests. Currently we have the following tracks available (May increase with the number of students):


Fiji is known for its incredible scenery, passion for sports, world class surf spots, and incredible local culture. Activities such as; rugby, volleyball, soccer, fishing, surfing, hiking, cliff jumping, snorkeling, and much more will be available during lecture phase.


We are closely connected with different youth movements in Fiji. This track will come alongside those movements and do events for the youth. At those events we share the story of Jesus through dances, songs, skits and other performances.


Jesus is the ONE THING that all humans desire and need to encounter. In this track students will learn how to minister to the Lord and lead others into His presence.


The Compassion in Action track will work closely with our medical ship (YWAM Koha), which brings essential medical care to the most isolated and remote islands of Fiji. Come along and learn how to not just talk about the love of Jesus, but to be the love of Jesus.

Not sure what track to choose? Just come and see who you connect with the most in the first few weeks.



During the 12 week outreach phase you will be sent out all over the earth with a burning heart for the Gospel. Different outreach teams will go to locations in Fiji, the South Pacific and the ends of the earth.

Whether hiking to unreached villages in the Himalayan mountains or providing medical care in remote parts of Fiji, the mission is to make the name of Jesus known among all the nations and tribes around the world.

We believe that this generation can see the Great Commission fulfilled and during the outreach phase we will work towards just that!


Early 2023 the doors in Fiji were opened wide for YWAM. A team of YWAM leaders met with one of the top leaders in Fiji. When asked how YWAM can serve Fiji this leader answered with the following words: “The young people of Fiji need role models. Can YWAM come and raise up role models?” In response to this invitation a collaboration between various YWAM ministries was formed. So far this collaboration includes: YWAM Sunshine Coast, YWAM Furnace, YWAM Ships Aotearoa, YWAM Rugby+, YWAM Kona and the University of the Nations.

We believe Fiji is ready for a move of God among the young people that will not only bless Fiji, but all of the South Pacific and the rest of the world. A youth movement unto a missions movement. And now the door is opened for you to join us and be a part of this!