School Dates

21 Feb – 13th May 2022

School Costs

Lecture Fees: $4600AUD($3,200USD)

Outreach: Dependent on location
see application for more details


School Dates
July 13, 2020 – Oct 2nd, 2020

School Costs
Lecture Fees: $4600($3200USD)
Outreach: Dependent on Location



The SOM is designed to equip you to confidently disciple people and communities from any culture, religious background, or language group.  You will learn how to work in teams, develop a lifestyle of prayer and intercession, effective church planting, cross-cultural adjustment and how to start a ministry, business or organization to reach the sphere of influence God is calling you to. 

We want to see waves of transformational leaders released into the nations and the spheres of influence, so that every single person has the opportunity to hear the Gospel. The SOM will not only equip you to go, we’ll help you get there!

The SOM is for everybody. 

If you are preparing for a lifetime in missions, live a missional lifestyle or just wanting to learn more, this school is for you!

Jesus said “lift up our eyes to the fields as they are ripe for harvest” and “we must work while it is day night comes when no one can work”, 

The SOM is about lifting our eyes to the global harvest and applying ourselves to the “work” of the great commission. It’s about engaging God’s heart for the lost, making disciples of all ethnic groups; serving the needy and bringing God’s Kingdom into the spheres of influence of our nations. 

Some of the topics include; God’s Great Commission;  Preaching the gospel; Making discipleship groups that multiply; Serving the needy; Understanding Biblical and other World Views; Spheres of Influence in communities; Apologetics (ie defending the bible and essential doctrines); Engaging Islam and other alternate worldviews: Missions History and modern church planting movements; Intercession for Nations. And more.

Outreach Options will be focused on reaching out to the many refugee and migrant communities in Southern Queensland in order to start discipleship groups. There will also be options to intern with existing local base ministries in; Sports mission; Religious Education in Schools; Business as Mission and more.

The borders may be closed but there is a lifetime of the Fathers work right on our doorstep. Come and join us for 2022.

“Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are ripe for harvest.” John 4:35

"We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work." John 9:4

“Go, therefore and make disciples of the nations…” Matthew 28:19


Spend the first 12 weeks living with friends in a discipleship community located just a stones throw from the
beach. Make new friends and learn about God together with young people from all over the world who are
also passionately seeking God’s heart. Each week we have guest speakers who come from dynamic
ministries to share awesome truths – covering topics like: Hearing God’s voice, The Father Heart of God,
Relationships, Spiritual Warfare, and World Missions.


After the lecture phase, you will put what you have learned into practice on an 8 week cross-cultural
outreach. This is where the real adventure begins!

Travel to strategic far-out locations – hacking through the jungle, trekking through deserts, climbing mountains, or surfing epic waves to reach
un-reached peoples, plant churches, and bring hope through development projects that will transform a community and open the
way for the gospel.